Virtual online bookkeeping services for small businesses 

Quickbooks online bookkeeping services

As a Xero and Quickbooks online bookkeeper I’m providing a high quality of virtual bookkeeping services for small companies at an affordable prices. All services I’m delivering in a highly professional way and upon agreed time schedules.


Xero bookkeeping services

I just need access to your accounting software, materials(invoices, receipts, bills, bank&credit card statements…) and if necessary your clarification about some of the transactions.


My standard bookkeeping services include these:

  • setting up accounting software;
  • setting up chart of accounts;
  • transactions recording;
  • accounts receivables;
  • accounts payables;
  • transactions categorizing;
  • bank and credit card reconciliation;
  • journal entries;
  • creation of financial statements and internal reports(balance sheets, income statements…).

Bookkeeping price list:

  • 1-100       transactions/month     $30;
  • 101-200   transactions/month     $60;
  • 201-300   transactions/month     $90.

*one transaction is- 1 invoice, receipt, bill, check, bank&credit card statement feed;

*I only support Quickbooks online and Xero accounting software.

If you are interested in, please feel free to send me a message.



Quickbooks online versus Xero

In the current business world of very strong competition, the key way to make success is to dedicate all time, knowledge, skills, efforts to the very core business. Whether you are running small restaurant, repair shop, (online) store or some other company it is almost impossible to efficiently do all company’s jobs. Maybe for some jobs you don’t have enough knowledge, some other jobs are maybe too repetitive, time consuming, boring… Whatever, it is much easier, economically efficient  and rational to take all jobs you are the most skilled, passion about and you are feeling that only you could do that in some specific, appropriate way and all other jobs to transfer to some company or individual who is expert in that certain field.

Development of the internet created many new industries and enabled services that had not existed or existed in some sporadic cases before. And now almost all jobs on your computer you could transfer to some other who could be located in any part of the world. One of those jobs is BPO – Business processing outsourcing and online bookkeeping, accounting as its integral part. Instead of sitting all the day in a front of your computer and deal with invoices, bills, chart of accounts, bank reconciliation… you could simply transfer those jobs and data to online bookkeeper who will process all the data to accounting software and create reports for you. Those reports you could use for internal purpose to track revenues, expenses, profit of your company or to file tax returns to tax authority. Whatever is reason, you will be free to spend all time to your core business activities and online bookkeeper is going to do all your bookkeeping jobs in a professional and costly efficient way.

What accounting software to choose for small business? There are plenty of accounting software, some are free some are commercial, some are desktop(off line) some are online. Comparing online(cloud) with desktop bookkeeping software, there are many advantages in favor of cloud bookkeeping over traditional desktop bookkeeping software:


Your computer could crash and you could lose all data stored in computer. On the other hand, cloud based software companies regularly backup their customers data and provide maximum protection.


If your computer and accounting software on it is located in your company’s office, you could access to bookkeeping data only if you are physically present in office. Cloud bookkeeping provide 24 hours 365 days per year access to bookkeeping software and data wherever you are and by every gadget(smart phone, tablet or desktop computer).


Even tough you could connect desktop accounting software to online, full benefit of automation and many third party applications you could enjoy only using online(cloud) bookkeeping. Majority of online bookkeeping software provide you possibility to automatically download bank transactions, to automatically categorize some of them, to send invoices to buyers, to remind them about payments or even accept payments. Furthermore, either integrated in accounting software or by using third party application it is possible to automate payroll. So, software is going to calculate payroll liabilities, send report or even process payments to tax authority on your behalf.

For all those reasons there is increasing number of small business owners who are deciding to replace their desktop accounting software with its online version. Further automation could only increase that number which currently exceed millions of users and some companies offer exclusively cloud bookkeeping.

There is question, which online accounting software to choose? Quickbooks online and Xero are two convincingly the most dominant cloud based online accounting software. Their simplicity, outstanding performance and affordable prices make the reasons why the millions of small companies owners worldwide are using Quickbooks online and Xero as their bookkeeping software. Comparing Quickbooks online and Xero, it could be said that Quickbooks online has more users in USA and Canada while Xero is more popular in UK and Australia.

Quickbooks online versus Xero by key features:


Both software have 3 plans (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus) or (Starter, Standard, Premium) and depending on plan they offer different level services. Generally both of them Quickbooks online and Xero are providing everything what small business needs regarding bookkeeping. Customizing, creating and sending invoices, entering receipts, bills, checks, categorizing and tracking incomes and expenses, journal entries, doing bank reconciliation, creating many reports, all those features have both Quickbooks online and Xero. Xero basic plan has limited number of invoices, bills and bank transactions that can be entered to software. On the other hand Quickbooks online provides tracking of inventory only for its advanced premium plan users.  One more missing for Quickbooks online is it does not show real bank balance in the bank during bank reconciliation, so users must compare balances on the bank statements with Quickbooks online bank balances all the time. Both software are providing possibility to add aditional users to software including bookkeeper or accountant.

User Interface Simplicity

This is pretty much matter of personal preferences but I would give slight advantage to Quickbooks online taking account that average user is not bookkeeping professional person.


Both of software’s Quickbooks online and Xero plans are approximately equally priced, so you will not make big difference if you choose any of them.

All in all, it could be said that both Quickbooks online or Xero could satisfy all bookkeeping needs of small businesses and small nuances I wrote about could help you to determine which one better fit into your bookkeeping needs.